TTC is incorporated on 28 July 1979, with the former entity is Limited company commercial production Thanh Thanh Cong, specializing in trading sugar. After years operation, on 06 May 2011, our was officially renamed as Thanh Thanh Cong One-Member Company Limited.


Then on 01 Sept 2011, Thanh Thanh Cong One-Member Company Limited took up the core component, which is the whole very experienced BUSINESS SECTION separated from Thanh Thanh Cong Trading Production Company Limited. From this turning point, the talent and devoted leaders have been building the Company to become one of the leading unit in sugar, sugarcane molasses, storage and transport services.


Thanks to the strategic orientation in the integrity time, as at 27 June 2012, TTC Trading was officially renamed the model of Joint Stock Company with 150 elite human resources and the increase in the chartered capital from 25 billion dongs to 150 billion dongs.


TTC Trading is now known as the leading reputable company specializing in refined sugar, sugarcane molasses, storage and transport services; and also the potential enterprise and the credible partner highly appreciated by the domestic and foreign investors, showing their desire of co-operation, fellow and development.